Such + Such approaches design from a holistic perspective, internalizing all phases of experimentation, development, and production.

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Such + Such strives to produce engaging and timeless furniture and products through the exploration of materials and processes. Founded in 2010 by fellow DAAP Industrial Design graduates,  Alex Aeschbury and Zach Darmanian - Harris, Such + Such has grown to work with clients nation wide in the areas of furniture, interior design, and brand identities. For more information about the studio please visit our studio site.


 We believe that every material has value.


Within the right context, even the most humble material can be elevated to great design. Our product line features naturally felled Ohio Valley ash. Since 2002 the emerald ash borer, an invasive beetle, has caused massive damage to native ash trees throughout the Midwest. It is estimated the beetle is responsible for the death of more than 100 million trees. Faced with such a glut of local ash we chose to utilize the handsome yellow timber for our first line.  

For more information about the emerald ash borer click here.


Because good design comes from everywhere, the best things are simple, and your stuff should last as long as you do. 


At heart we are craftsmen, with a new set of tools. Endlessly curious, we mash together techniques developed centuries apart to create product that is emotionally engaging and ethically produced.  We started Such + Such to do design differently. We've launched this line to spread that different to the masses. 


All our products are designed and built in Cincinnati, OH.

Manufacturing is coming back to America, and we are trying to help. Our 8,000 sq/ft production facility, located in the West End of Cincinnati, produces our branded wares as well as all commissioned work and special projects. 



Press inquiries: hello@suchandsuchsite.com.



Interested in custom finishes or materials? Have a totally custom project?


We are happy to wholesale to retailers nationally and internationally. 

Trade Program


We offer trade and industry discounts on all of our products.


All products are shipped FedEx Ground. International and expedited delivery options are available.


At this time we can only offer returns on defective or damaged goods. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.